Oct. 25, 2022

Ep. 39: Community Through Coaching and Conference with Christina Carpenter

Ep. 39: Community Through Coaching and Conference with Christina Carpenter

Building community in homeschooling can sometimes be hard.  While larger cities and suburbs might have co-ops and in-person activities where you can meet like-minded homeschoolers, sometimes there just aren't those resources readily available to you, but it is still so important to "find your tribe."

In today's episode, Erin speaks with Christina Carpenter of Authentic Joy in the Journey and The Bloom and Blossom conference about community building right where you are.  Sometimes stepping out to find the encouragement you need through coaching, conferences and even online friendships in homeschool social media groups, reaps great reward for the homeschool parent in the trenches.

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The next Bloom & Blossom conference will be held in Springfield MO, April 22nd, 2023. Register here: www.christinacarpenter.org/bloom-and-blossom-conference

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Christina Carpenter


I am Christina Carpenter, founder of both Authentic Joy in the Journey and Bloom and Blossom Home Education Conference. As a home educating mother of four, I understand the complexities and challenges that life brings. My story isn't a perfect one but one that chooses to rise above adversity. I feel passionate about developing a strong vision and mission for your home school and curating an atmosphere that promotes the family culture that you want to cultivate. Through personalized coaching sessions, workshops, public speaking, and the Bloom and Blossom Conference I aspire to equip, encourage, empower, and inspire.