June 28, 2022

GOAT #27: Helping Teens Navigate Life with Traci Bakenhaster

GOAT #27: Helping Teens Navigate Life with Traci Bakenhaster

Is your teen unsure where their post-homeschooling path will take them? Are they wondering about college or career plans? Are you concerned they're solid on those important life skills like personal finances, time management, communication and all those "adulting" things we need to know to succeed in life?

In today's episode, Erin and Amanda speak with Traci Bakenhaster of Raising the Next Gen, a unique program where Traci works with
teens and young adults to guide them on the path to being independent adults and getting life right from the start!

Resources and links:
Contact Traci Bakenhaster at info@raisingthenextgen.com

Schedule a free strategy call here for high school or college students and/or their parents to dive into what is keeping them up at night

Raising the Next Gen website, www.raisingthenextgen.com

Workshops at Raising the Next Gen:

  • Get2Work Session for Teens, a coworking virtual session that creates dedicated time to working on job & college applications, scholarships, research, and so much more!  More information here.
  • Paying for College Made Easy: All Things Scholarships. More information here. 
  • Going to College Made Easy: How to choose the right college. How to get accepted into your college of choice. How to navigate through the admissions process.  More information here.

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Traci Bakenhaster


Hi! I'm Traci, the founder of Raising the Next Gen, an organization created to help teens and young adults get life right from the start. I have over 10 years of experience in higher education, career-tech, and industry. Some of my roles include Academic Advisor, Career Development Specialist, Program Manager, Director of Marketing, and Hiring & Training Manager. My diverse background in both education and industry has allowed me to now bring these skills and knowledge to your child.

I have a strong passion for helping the upcoming generations leave a better legacy than my own Millennial generation, and not walk down the path I did. I know firsthand the weight of student debt (having $85,000 myself), the struggles with finding the right career when you have many interests, and what happens when you're not prepared for the adult world.

I've helped hundreds of students navigate their futures. And have provided resources and guidance to thousands across Central Ohio reaching over 45 different school districts. Now I am blessed to get to help you and your teen or young adult!