Sept. 13, 2022

GOAT #35: Homesteading in Your Homeschool with Kody Hanner

GOAT #35: Homesteading in Your Homeschool with Kody Hanner

With the events of the last few years impacting "cost of living" items, more families are wanting to re-connect with the sources of their food and live a lifestyle that is more self-sufficient. This "modern day homesteading" doesn't require you to own a big piece of land, or raise your own animals and it works well for many homeschooling families.

In today's episode, Erin and Amanda speak with Kody Hanner, homesteader and homeschooler of 8 children about her lifestyle, her sense of community and the homeschool curriculum she has developed, Build Your Own Homestead and Introduction to Homestead Science.

Kody Hanner's website,
Build Your Own Homestead – Little Learners Homestead Science (K-4),
Introduction to Homestead Science (Middle & High School level),

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Kody Hanner

Author/entrepreneur/homeschool mom/homesteader

I’m Kody Hanner. I am a homeschool mom, homesteader and entrepreneur.