Dec. 20, 2022

GOAT #46: Gameschooling and More with Cait Curley

GOAT #46: Gameschooling and More with Cait Curley

Do you have that one kid that just fights you on learning, whether it be one subject or all of them?  Have you considered using games to move the learning along, called "gameschooling?"  When  children play games, they learn social skills like getting along, reading directions, waiting their turn, negotiating with someone, interpreting rules and even coming to an agreement when the rules aren't clear.  These are all things our children will be doing in their adult life and we can coach it in real time in our homeschools.

In today's episode, Amanda talks with Cait Curley of Never Board Learning and My Little Poppies.  They discuss 

  • how they came to homeschooling when their children's needs couldn't be met by public schooling
  • the many facets of gifted kids
  • how gameschooling can benefit all kinds of learners
  • how outdoor play helps foster creativity and is such an important part of development
  • how even moms who don't like playing games can use gameschooling to help their families

Resources & Links
Never Board Learning Community,
My Little Poppies,
Cait Curley on Instagram: @neverboardlearning and @my_little_poppies
My Little Poppies courses, focusing on unit studies, readalouds,  and gameschooling! 
"Gameschooling: 100 Educational Games for Homeschooling",
"Gameschooling By Subject: The Best Games for Your Homeschool," 10x10 challenge starts again in January. Play 10 games 10 times each. 2022 nformation is here.

Some Favorite Games:
Axis and Allies (board game),
Bicycle Playing Cards Learn to Play Today (search engine)
Chess set (for beginners),
No Stress Chess,
Exploding Kittens,
Stratego, Original Strategy Board Game,
Election Night! A Super Fun Way to Learn Essential Math, Geography and Civics While Strategizing Your Way to The White House

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Cait Curley


Hi, I'm Cait. I'm a school psychologist, mom to three amazing kiddos, and an unexpected homeschooler. I truly believe that homeschooling can be *almost* all fun and games! I am founder of My Little Poppies, one half of The Homeschool Sisters Podcast, and creator of the Never Board Learning community.