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Laura Swain

Homeschool Coach

Laura Swain believes your kids are #bornlearners…and that living out this conviction will change everything about the way you homeschool. Public school teacher turned homeschooling mom of four, Laura has seen firsthand how much our kiddos can teach us about how learning really happens.

She used to be the quiet perfectionist who never raised her hand in class. Now Laura’s stopped mumbling and gotten brave because homeschool moms need her to be louder than their doubt. She loves equipping them to do less with confidence in her online membership, With Community.

If you only remember one thing today, she hopes it is this: you are a #bornlearner, too, mama. It’s time to live like one!

Feb. 28, 2023

GOAT #53: Deschooling with Laura Swain

Did you pull your kids out of school and suddenly feel like you were free falling off a cliff, wondering what you'd gotten yourself into and completely anxious about what to do next? Join us this week as we talk …

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