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Regina Clausell

Special Education Consultant & Coach

Regina has more than 26 years of experience in Preschool
through grade 12 education, Adult Transition, and Higher
Education. She has had the pleasure of serving students,
families, and staff in various capacities as a Human
Resources Credential Specialist, Education Specialist
(Resource Specialist program and Special Day Class),
Induction Coach, Instructional Specialist, Special
Education Principal, Speech and Language Pathology
Supervisor, School Health Services Coordinator, and
Special Education Coordinator. In addition, she has
provided professional development and support to
educators at all levels.

May 31, 2022

GOAT #24: Special Education with Regina Clausell

Parents of special education students can sometimes be nervous about homeschooling: circumstances at their local school may force them to withdraw their child or, like with the recent COVID crisis, they may just think it is t...

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